Felix Smalley


How long have I been racing competitively?

I did my first race in April 2008, the BMC 100km Classic (only the 18km mind you), on an Avanti Barracuda, which was way too big for me!  From then on I was hooked and have been racing ever since.

Who/What inspired me to start cycling?

It was a mixture of my dad who was a keen every day commuter and the 2006 Commonwealth games.  My family and I were going to go and watch the 2006 commonwealth games MTB race in Lysterfield, but for some reason we thought it was booked out and didn’t go. Instead, a few weeks later, Dad and I decided to go and ride at Lysterfield with him on a 28-inch Shogun commuter and me on an old GT Avalanche.  We enjoyed it so much that we went back for more, again and again and soon started to branch out to places like the You Yangs and Forrest.

Where is my favourite area to train?

The Yarra trails when I’m on the mountain bike, because they’re so close and they have quite a lot of variation on them.  When I’m on the road bike, my favourite places are either Beach Road or the Mt Pleasant loop.

What is my favourite riding discipline?

Funnily enough it is Gravity Enduro/Super D/ All Mountain, because it incorporates downhill and cross-country and is essentially the best of both worlds!  However, I primarily race cross-country and that is where my current goals lie.

Proudest Achievement so far

3rd place at the 2013 u/19 national championships. It was probably one of my best races ever because everything just seemed to fall into place and I enjoyed everything about it!

Goals for 2013

For the rest of 2013, my goals are to focus on year 12 while still managing to balance a racing career. I plan on going to race in the Canberra Junior Tour, which is a road race, in preparation for racing world cups in the future.
To add to that, I’m going to be racing for and with the BSS team in the Victorian Enduro Series which is turning out to be a fantastic series.

What is my Ambition in Cycling?

My ambitions are to represent Australia in Olympic Style Cross Country overseas in the World Cup and World Championship races in 2014 and onwards. These ambitions have come about in the past 6 months or so in which I had a successful first national series and have joined the BSS Junior Development Team!