Hellfire Cup – Fast Approaching – OZRIDERS major supporter!

The HELLFIRE CUP is FAST approaching, this is set to be another AMAZING MTB event in Tasmania mid November.

In its inaugural year OZRIDERS wants to support what is set to be an AMAZING first years event with BIG names, BIG prize money and some amazing NEW trails and stages set to knock everyones socks off.

We wish everyone out there the best of luck in this event and to tell their friends for next year!

Please see below some great specials offered at the HELLFIRE cup this year adding to the excitement / them of this years event.

ozriders foam grips

Used by the world’s elite, these grips are the ultimate in endurance MTB events. Used for their vibration dampening qualities and light weight these grips are a very desirable object for those who are serious about their equipment. These Grips are designed with an ergonomic hexagonal shape and tapered design which with its purpose to increase comfort and reduce body fatigue.

SPECIAL HELLFIRE CUP DEAL OZRIDERS head honcho James Maebus is getting behind the Avanti Plus Hellfire Cup with a HUGE haul of their awesome grips (800 bucks worth) which we will be giving away as part of our spot prize bonanza. Yes we have so many spot prizes, it’s going to be a genuine BONANZA. Watch out Hoss.

Spex Sealant are a Hellfire Cup Sponsor

SPEX isn’t your every day run of the mill Tyre sealant, SPEX has been developed for what riders really need. Reliability, Quality and Value. This Sealant has been in development with a vast range of riders for over 2 years. Its inspiration is to be a 100% Australian made and owned product that performs better than any other on the market and value for money.

SPECIAL HELLFIRE CUP DEALSpex are providing loads of SPEX Sealant for you tubeless wonders as spot prizes. How much? Crazy amounts, $1090 worth of SPEX. With this much backup selant you’re guaranteed to have safe SPEX.