OZRIDERS was established in 2007 with deep racing roots in the cycling community.

Our business mission is to bring Quality, Innovation and Value to every product and be an active member of the cycling community.

OZRIDERS products have been tested by many of Australia’s best cycling athletes in Cross Country Mountain biking – Marathon – Enduro events – pushed to the limit and beyond in Australia and overseas. OZRIDERS has been a proud supporter of the National Mountain bike program ever since its inception. With most notably 2009 MTB Worlds featuring all MTB Cross Country riders using custom made Green and Gold grips to highlight such a special day. 2010 looks to be a very colourful year of new products and the promise of soo many up and coming riders, we hope to follow their progress and support them where we can through the thick and thin with our products on the front line – speaking more than words can tell of Quality, Innovation and Value.

Feel the difference – OZRIDERS Australia.